• Brian the VC

    Brian the VC

    Stanford CS. Associate at Romulus Capital where I specialize in Construction Tech. Obsessed with building out the future of civilization with the Space Economy.

  • Alexander Chen

    Alexander Chen

    Computer science and economics student @Yale

  • Ime Essien

    Ime Essien

  • Charles Gao

    Charles Gao

    Hi! I'm Charles an engineer, reader, learner, and hopeful young adult. I tend to think about everything and anything. I enjoy reading and connecting with people

  • Shawn Xu

    Shawn Xu

    Investor @FloodgateFund | Formerly @DormRoomFund @Square | MBA/MA at @wharton and @lauderinstitute | Forbes 30 Under 30

  • Justine Humenansky, CFA

    Justine Humenansky, CFA

    having a rough first week on the Internet. daos all day: @komorebifund, @fiatluxdao, @paperclipDAO. former ballerina. crypto or quit.

  • Angela Chou

    Angela Chou

    Investor @ Felix Capital

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